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This article provides an example of simple form validation in Angular 9+ by building out a signup form.

  • We’ll validate user inputs using Angular’s built-in Validators, a set of functions provided by the framework.
  • We’ll access form control properties to manage which errors should show when.
  • We’ll enable the submit…

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This newsletter isn’t necessarily intended to revolve around frontend work and Javascript, but that’s definitely the direction it’s been going lately! This week I’ve been pounding on my JS fundamentals, and practicing building interesting UIs.

1. Class vs. Factory in JavaScript

  • “In a nutshell, a factory is a function that returns an object, while a class…
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This week I’ve been continuing to focus on improving my efficiency when it comes to working in the front end.

1. What is the difference between Flexbox and CSS Grid?

Digging right on into how to effectively use Flexbox and CSS Grid is a great way to make framing up a new UI element quick!

Key article takeaways:

  • “The most…

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1. How does the Javascript Call Stack Work?

A couple of articles on this topic today! Javascript is a single-threaded language, meaning it has only one call stack and one memory heap. The article below walks us through the way event loops, callbacks, and browser Web APIs enable concurrent processes and frees up our code to multi-task.


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What Are We Learning?

  • Show and hide components using routes as opposed to input and output properties
  • Keep those components in communication with each other by passing data in the route
  • Learn how to set up routes in the routing module
  • Use routerLink to set up click events and pass data to the route

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Any change is difficult. Big, life-altering changes are by their nature going to bring a lot of discomfort and angst. No big change like this comes without needing to learn new things — probably after the change has started and probably more quickly than you’re ready for.

When I decided…

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